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Follow Friday host Eric Johnson
The internet is made of people. And my internet is completely different from yours, because of who we follow.

Hidden in plain sight amid our follows, likes, shares, and subscriptions is a picture of each of us: What we care about, where we've lived, how we think.

Every week on the Follow Friday podcast, I talk with creative people I admire — including podcasters, writers, video makers, comedians, and musicians — about who they follow. The goal is to learn a bit about their taste and, more importantly, to find some cool new people to follow.

Together, we'll discover the best people on the internet. This will be fun. I hope you'll tune in.

Eric Johnson
Host, Follow Friday

TL;DR What is Follow Friday?

Follow Friday is a weekly interview podcast hosted by Eric Johnson. Every Friday, a different creative person comes on to talk about who they follow online, and why. Here's the trailer (you can read a transcript of the trailer here):

Where did the idea come from?

The original Follow Friday was started by Micah Baldwin in 2009. Every week, Twitter users were informally expected to tweet a shout-out to someone else on the site. It was a way of saying, "I like what this person does, and you should follow them, too!" In recent years, however, Follow Friday has waned in popularity.

How do you decide who to talk about on the show?

Before the interview, Eric gives the guests a list of categories that people might fall into, such as "Someone who makes you laugh," "Someone who inspires you," and "Someone you have a crush on." The guest picks 4-5 people who fit into any of those categories.

Cool! How do I follow Follow Friday?

The best way to stay up to date on Follow Friday is to subscribe to the podcast for free in your favorite podcast app. You can also follow us on Twitter @followfridaypod and Instagram @followfridaypod.

Who is Eric Johnson?

Eric is the founder of the podcast studio and consultancy LightningPod. He previously worked at Vox Media, producing podcasts like Recode Decode with Kara Swisher. You can follow him on Twitter @HeyHeyESJ.

Can I suggest someone who should be a guest on the show?

Absolutely. Email us: We can't promise to get back to you, but we read every email.

I'm interested in telling other people about the podcast. Where can I find a press kit for Follow Friday?

I love the theme song to your show! Who made it?

That would be Yona Marie.

What about the show art?

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